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A word or two about our pricing

In the web design and development business, exact pricing is a hard thing to nail down until the initial consultation is done with the client. While we do provide pricing for some of our services on our site, it is mostly to serve as a guideline for prospective clients.

A great many things need to be considered when planning a website and until an initial consultation is done with our clients, only then can we provide a more accurate quotation on what certain services or packages could potentially cost. In a nutshell, a package that is listed at $850.00 could end up costing considerably less than that, depending on how many services in that package are not going to be used. Obviously pricing can also increase, depending on the client's requesting additional services. Some of the many things that drive our pricing are:

Number of pages
Amount of graphics/content
Internet commerce sites are complicated and require more time.
Type of programming
Server resources needed

We also take into account the client's budget and will do our very best to put together the best possible design solution we can. We are also a small business and have a true understanding of the hardships sometimes associated with owning a small business.

Contract Agreement and deposit:
After we've received your deposit (usually 1/3 of the total cost), signed contract agreement and required materials (content, logo, photos, other items as noted above), the design and development begins on the date agreed to in our contract.

Occasionally, we work on the "barter system". If your business has a service or merchandise to offer us in return for any of our listed services please feel free to contact us.

Price list for some various services (ala carte)

registration of domain name for one year ($35.00 value)
template design ($100-$500, depending on complexity)
Cascading Style Sheet ($100-$500, depending on complexity)
Web page with content ($50.00 each)
images prepared for the web ($10.00 each)
graphical elements creation ie; buttons, basic logotypes, banners, etc. ($10.00 each)
database setup ($100.00 each DB)
web forms ($50-$200, depending on complexity)
e-commerce w/shopping cart (starting at $900, depends on complexity)
Perl / PHP / JavaScript / programming (billed at $60.00 per hour)
phpBB message forum basic setup ($225.00)
WordPress™ blog basic setup ($195.00)
Full site management ($25.00 per month)
content updating (billed at $50.00 per hour)

We offer many more services than are listed above. The above prices are mostly for price comparison and to give the client a general idea about what certain things cost. Our design packages range from $300.00 to over $10,000.00 and are custom built dependent on client needs. Typically, a small business or personal website will cost between $300 and $2000, depending on its complexity. In some cases, this price could be more.

We will never sell you services that you do not need and always provide a written quotation to the client for review and upon approval, we generate the necessary contract to be signed by the client before starting any work. We also require a deposit of not less than 1/3 the total of the contract before work will commence. This is not only to protect you (you'll have a written contract in place), but to protect us as well from clients changing their minds after we've spent a considerable amount of time on project development.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.