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Planning Your Website

There are several things that we will discuss with you during your initial consultation. Please be prepared with your information prior to your consultation with Bricco Web Services.

Make an outline of your needs, followed by writing all the details.

Look at as many websites as you can that are related to yours in some way. This will help you see what your competition has going and give you an overall perspective of websites in general. It will also help you brainstorm for your own site. Make note of the following:

Web sites that you like and why
Web sites that you don't like and why not
Any Web sites that have elements that you like, such as colors, navigation, overall layout, the type of content and how it's presented

Things to Consider:

Who is your target audience?
What is the purpose of your website?

Web site content:

Text, and who will write or provide the text if not already available. Some very basic contents might be:
who you are
what you do
how to contact you
list of services or products
Photographs or other images
Logo (we can provide logo design/graphics services)
If you haven't already done so, write or gather your content and other materials as needed for your Web site. Your Web site design is based on its content, not vice versa.

Other things to consider:

Domain name and registration (we can provide this service)
Web hosting (we can provide this service)

Building Your Website

After we've received your deposit (usually 1/3 of the total cost), signed contract agreement and required materials (content, logo, photos, other items as noted above), the design and development begins on the date agreed to in our contract.

A private test site will be available for review at each step of the design creation and development process, with regular communications throughout (usually by email, but sometimes by phone).

When the site is completed and we get your final OK and final payment, we then upload your new site to your server, host your domain on our servers or send you the site by zip file or disc, if needed.