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Our Web Design Philosophy

Company Image - Your site should accurately portray your company's image. The theme of the web pages must be suited to the business or the message to be sent. A professional looking site instills confidence towards the company and reflects a technological-savy management.

Keep it Simple - We don't think web design should consist of an intricate maze of buttons, toolbars, flash items, and ill-fitting content. Instead, we feel that web sites should offer visitors a clear, straightforward map to the information they are looking for. All too often web designers create Da Vinci-esque works of art, that although stunningly beautiful, are horrifically difficult for customers to use. We never recommend unnecessary images or fancy frills that do nothing other than increase waiting time for your visitors. Simplicity is treading a line: knowing what to keep and what to throw away…it comes across as magic when it works, because none of the complexity is transferred to users…only simplicity. That is the highest achievement for a designer. Simple doesn't mean low quality, it means doing all that is possible to make it better and understandable.

Design is not art. Design is about use - The designer needs someone to use (not only appreciate) what they create. It has been said many times that content is king. Web sites should be designed to encourage access to the information on your site, not to showcase someone's ability to create interesting effects with wiz-bang software. Design doesn’t serve its purpose without people to use it. Design helps solve human problems. The highest accolade we can bestow on a design is not that it is beautiful, as we do in art, but that it is well-used.

Optimization - There's more than just pretty graphics that make a web site. There is the code behind the site that must be maximized if your site is to show up in the search engines. Your web site must be written correctly, with content showing up in the proper places. The crucial test of any website is the speed with which a visitor can find specific information, either in time or number of clicks. Search engines are an important way for people to locate you and web standards-compliant sites tend to have a greater portion of their content indexed.

Compatability - We believe that it is vitally important for someone using a Macintosh be able view your website just as easily as someone using a PC. We strive to ensure that a website visitor using Microsoft Windows® can view your site just as easily as someone using Mac OS X, and even Linux®. We test all our designs using Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera®, Google Chrome® and Mozilla Firefox® to ensure your site is compatable with the most widely used browsers.

Usability - What good is your site if the majority of your users cannot understand how to use it? We create websites that employ simple, logical navigation and conform to international usability guidelines. Bricco Web Services strives to have every website we design meet stringent World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards for both CSS and XHTML.

Practicality - A website that takes 480 seconds to download the homepage is not a practical one. We design our sites using graphics that make your pages appear nearly instantaneously. Bricco Web Services firmly refutes the fallacy that "most people have a high-speed connection". Most people do not, and the internet is full of statistics that prove this.

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