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About Us

Bricco Web Services is a freelance web design and development company based in beautiful Kitsap County, in the Pacific Northwest. We were founded in July, 2004 as a way for the average Joe to have a quality, organized website ready for him when he's ready to share his ideas on the World Wide Web. We understood that many small businesses and organizations would like to have a place on the Web, but are too busy or do not have the knowledge or the budget necessary to create a decent layout. This results in a poorly organized site or none at all. We always take into consideration our client's budget and do our very best to provide the best possible solution.

Technical Information (geek stuff)

Our primary servers and test serves are running Linux CentOS and of course, the web servers being used are Apache. Our primary server is a Dual Intel® Xeon® 2.66ghz Processor with 8 GB RAM and is fully dedicated with 700GB Tier 1 Bandwidth for lightning fast pageloads and data transfer.

Our 2,000 Mbit fiber network is connected directly to over 100 carriers such as Mzima Networks, NTT/Verio, Level3, AT&T, Microsoft/MSN, AOL/TimeWarner and Cable & Wireless.

Full generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Backup for all equipment- All equipment is backed up using multiple separate APC® battery backup units to add extra redundancy in case of power failure. All UPS equipment is automatically tested every 2 weeks to ensure working order.

We utilize JavaScript, Adobe® Flash Professional, PHP, mySQL, and CSS technologies in the creation of our websites. Most of our websites and style sheets are built using Adobe® Dreamweaver and Notepad for layout and design. Graphics created using Corel® Paint Shop Pro X and Adobe® Photoshop.